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Criminal Minds Twitter-fest puts Charlie Sheen melt-down in perspective

Charlie Sheen’s public Twitter melt-down and record setting pace for new followers on the service reminds me of traffic that slows down and backs up to get a better view of an accident.

Unfortunately, I’m as guilty as the rest for signing up to watch it happen. But his brashly self-centered nature, apparent history of abusing women in his life and his ease at taking public pot-shots at people around him make me glad that I never really considered myself a fan of the man.

In direct contrast to this is the wonderful group of Tweeting actors, crew and other associates from the show Criminal Minds.

I wrote more than a little bit about their Twitter fest on this blog when some of the cast first started popping up on the service last spring. And since then more people involved with the show have joined in the fun – and built up an intimate and highly silly community that makes fans feel even more invested in the show.

Gibson and Gubler horsing around on set

If you’d like to follow them, I try to keep a list updated here: https://twitter.com/explodingegg/criminal-minds

Unlike Sheen, these guys are just nice. They’re talking to fans and sharing little details of the show – and pictures and jokes – that they really don’t have to. And they put up with us like champions.

Fans that ask them to retweet certain things for charity – such as a service to provide hair for wigs for children with cancer – almost always get help sharing their ideas. Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna are wonderful about answering questions and sharing pictures of what’s going with the show.

Gibson especially has a wonderfully goofy habit of taking picture of people’s feet around the set on his TweetTheFeet Tuesday – although it is by no means limited to Tuesdays.

Gibson's boots? Or are these for wading in nuclear waste?

I also love watching him answer silly fan requests – like when they ask him to Tweet a ‘hello’ or for a ‘feel better’ when they’re sick, and he actually responds. And yeah, I’m guilty of trying to get him to respond on occasion myself. ;)

Kristen Vangsness and Matthew Gray Gubler are also their own kinda wonderful. She’s quirky, strong, open and passionate, and he’s just so artistic and strange.

I won’t get into the details of how pissed off I am that Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook have been axed from the show. But they still Tweet, a little. I hope they keep it up.

And the two newest folks in the Twitter fest are make up artists. Anna Fleiner and Dayne Johnson both in the past month started sharing pics and answering all sorts of bizarre questions from fans – including this one to Johnson about giving Tim Curry some really scary teeth on the show:

“Yes I did him. 3 colors of tooth stain @carden41: RT @Dayne9165: I did his makeup. He was great. Did you get to meet Tim Curry whhi teeth ?”

Even the new kid, Rachel Nicols, is joining in the fun – which makes it easier as a fan to take a deep breath and accept a new character and addition to the show.

So what does all that have to do with Charlie Sheen?

I think for me it’s a model of what to do right versus what to do wrong.

Sheen lashes out and talks about how great he is.

The Criminal Minds folks are goofy, accessible and sweet – despite the dark nature of the actual show.

Sheen rants and raves about some weird ‘winning’ ‘tigerblood’ philosophy.

Gibson, he just tweets pictures of his feet and says ‘night night’ to fans.

Thomas Gibson's socks

And Gibson, Gubler and the rest of the great CM Twitterverse make me laugh, on a regular basis, and take a little of the stress out of my hectic days. They don’t get paid for it, they don’t complain about it. And they seem to be having a good time.

Sheen makes me shake my head in disgust.

Criminal Minds guys, you all get my biggest thumbs – or perhaps big toes – up!


P.S. Yup. I know it’s been forever since I posted. Sorry guys, been busy with a new job. But I hope to be at least a little more active in coming months!

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  1. Yay! The Egg is back in style!

    Comment by Gill Fraser Lee | March 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hey, they mention my tweet in this article. I’m gonna be FAMOUS!!! BYW, I asked how he did Tim Curry’s teeth (he kinda messed it up in the retweet). YAYYYYYYY

    Comment by Carole Morin | March 7, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hey Carole, I thought that was a pretty cool question!
    And thanks Gill!

    Comment by SueVo | March 7, 2011 | Reply

  4. You’re quite right in your words! I’m a follower of CM from chapter 1. In FB I belong to several groups of fans of the series. We like the proximity of the actors and the environment, and it makes us want to know more about them and the serie. I regret that actors like Charlie Sheen believe they are better than others, because they would be nothing without the public. The distribution of CM don’t stop being bystanders, like us, and we like it makes much more!

    Thanks for sharing your opinion

    Comment by Hotch1978 | March 21, 2011 | Reply

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